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Tempo2: Pulsar Timing Package

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:50 pm
by owlice
[c]Tempo2: Pulsar Timing Package[/c][/b]
Abstract: Tempo2 is a pulsar timing package developed to be used both for general pulsar timing applications and also for pulsar timing array research in which data-sets from multiple pulsars need to be processed simultaneously. It was initially developed by George Hobbs and Russell Edwards as part of the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array project. Tempo2 is based on the original Tempo (ascl:1509.002) code and can be used (from the command-line) in a similar fashion. It is very versatile and can be extended by plugins.

Credit: Hobbs, George; Edwards, Russell


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft10015H

ID: ascl:1210.015

Re: Tempo2: Pulsar Timing Package

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:06 pm
by augustmuench
I found this buried in the code files for TEMPO2, e.g., ... r/tempo2.C

* If you use TEMPO2 then please acknowledge it by citing
* Hobbs, Edwards & Manchester (2006) MNRAS, Vol 369, Issue 2,
* pp. 655-672 (bibtex: 2006MNRAS.369..655H)
* or Edwards, Hobbs & Manchester (2006) MNRAS, VOl 372, Issue 4,
* pp. 1549-1574 (bibtex: 2006MNRAS.372.1549E) when discussing the
* timing model.