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SPAMCART: Smoothed PArticle Monte CArlo Radiative Transfer

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:57 am
by Ada Coda
SPAMCART: Smoothed PArticle Monte CArlo Radiative Transfer

Abstract: SPAMCART generates synthetic spectral energy distributions and intensity maps from smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation snapshots. It follows discrete luminosity packets as they propagate through a density field, and computes the radiative equilibrium temperature of the ambient dust from their trajectories. The sources can be extended and/or embedded, and discrete and/or diffuse. The density is not mapped on to a grid, and therefore the calculation is performed at exactly the same resolution as the hydrodynamics. The code strictly adheres to Kirchhoff's law of radiation. The algorithm is based on the Lucy Monte Carlo radiative transfer method and is fairly simple to implement, as it uses data structures that are already constructed for other purposes in modern particle codes

Credit: Lomax, O.; Whitworth, A. P.


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft12005L

ID: ascl:1812.005