MUSIC2-monofonIC: 3LPT initial condition generator

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MUSIC2-monofonIC: 3LPT initial condition generator

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Aug 31, 2020 8:00 pm

MUSIC2-monofonIC: 3LPT initial condition generator

Abstract: The original MUSIC code (ascl:1311.011) was designed to provide initial conditions for zoom initial conditions and is limited for applications to large-scale cosmological simulations. MUSIC2-monofonIC generates high order LPT/PPT cosmological initial conditions for single resolution cosmological simulations, and can be used for rapid predictions of large-scale structure. MUSIC2-monofonIC offers support for up to 3rd order Lagrangian perturbation theory, PPT (Semiclassical PT for Eulerian grids) up to 2nd order, and for mixed CDM+baryon sims. It direct interfaces with CLASS and can use file input from CAMB; it offers multiple output modules for RAMSES (ascl:1011.007), Arepo (ascl:1909.010), Gadget-2/3 (ascl:0003.001), and HACC via plugins, and new modules/plugins can be easily added.

Credit: Hahn, Oliver; Michaux, Michaël; Rampf, Cornelius; Uhlemann, Cora; Angulo, Raul E.


Bibcode: 2020ascl.soft08024H

Preferred citation method: Please see citation information here: ... /

ID: ascl:2008.024
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