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DarpanX: X-ray reflectivity of multilayer mirrors

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:48 am
by Ada Coda
DarpanX: X-ray reflectivity of multilayer mirrors

Abstract: DarpanX computes reflectivity and other specular optical functions of a multilayer or single layer mirror for different energy and angles as well as to fit the XRR measurements of the mirrors. It can be used as a standalone package. It has also been implemented as a local module for XSPEC (ascl:9910.005), which is accessible through and requires PyXspec (ascl:2101.014), and can accurately fit experimentally measured X-ray reflectivity data. DarpanX is implemented as a Python 3 module and an API is provided to access the underlying algorithms.

Credit: Mondal, Biswajit; Vadawale, Santosh V.; Mithun, N. P. S.; Vaishnava, C. S.; Tiwari, Neeraj K.; Goyal, S. K.; Panini, Singam S.; Navalkar, Vinita; Karmakar, Chiranjit; Patel, Mansukhlal R.; Upadhyay, R. B.


Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft01015M

ID: ascl:2101.015