CORSIKA: An Air Shower Simulation Program

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CORSIKA: An Air Shower Simulation Program

Post by owlice » Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:30 pm

CORSIKA: An Air Shower Simulation Program

Abstract: CORSIKA (COsmic Ray Simulations for KAscade) is a program for detailed simulation of extensive air showers initiated by high energy cosmic ray particles. Protons, light nuclei up to iron, photons, and many other particles may be treated as primaries. The particles are tracked through the atmosphere until they undergo reactions with the air nuclei or, in the case of unstable secondaries, decay. The hadronic interactions at high energies may be described by several reaction models. Hadronic interactions at lower energies are described, and in particle decays all decay branches down to the 1% level are taken into account. Options for the generation of Cherenkov radiation and neutrinos exist. CORSIKA may be used up to and beyond the highest energies of 100 EeV.

Credit: Heck, Dieter; Pierog, Tanguy; Knapp, Johannes


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft02006H

Preferred citation method: Please list the version number and cite this report: ... a_phys.pdf

ID: ascl:1202.006
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