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ASPIC: STARLINK image processing package

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:29 am

ASPIC: STARLINK image processing package

Abstract: ASPIC handled basic astronomical image processing. Early releases concentrated on image arithmetic, standard filters, expansion/contraction/selection/combination of images, and displaying and manipulating images on the ARGS and other devices. Later releases added new astronomy-specific applications to this sound framework. The ASPIC collection of about 400 image-processing programs was written using the Starlink "interim" environment in the 1980; the software is now obsolete.

Credit: Davenhall, A. C.; Hartley, Ken F.; Penny, Alan J.; Kelly, B. D.; King, Dave J.; Lupton, W. F.; Tudhope, D.; Pike, C. D.; Cooke, J. A.; Pence, W. D.; Wallace, Patrick T.; Brownrigg, D. R. K.; Baines, Dave W. T.; Warren-Smith, Rodney F.; McNally, B. V.; Bell, L. L.; Jones, T. A.; Terrett, Dave L.; Pearce, D. J.; Carey, J. V.; Currie, Malcolm J.; Benn, Chris; Beard, S. M.; Giddings, Jack R.; Balona, Luis A.; Harrison, B.; Wood, Roger; Sparkes, Bill; Allan, Peter M.; Berry, David S.; Shirt, J. V.


Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft10006D

ID: ascl:1510.006
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