SDSS Double Nuclei Detection Pipeline

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SDSS Dual Active Nuclei Galaxy Detection Pipeline

Post by Ada Coda » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:37 am

SDSS Dual Active Nuclei Galaxy Detection Pipeline

Abstract: Dual Active Nuclei Galaxies (DAGNs) are rare occurrences in the sky. Until now, most AGNs have been described to be found serendipitously, or by manual observation. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in such dual AGNs and their astrophysical properties. Their study is important to the understanding of galaxy formation, star formation and these objects are the precursors to Gravitational Wave Sources.

Hence, we have devised a pipeline, that along with systematic data collection, can detect such dual AGN candidates. A novel algorithm 'Graph-Boosted Gradient Ascent' has been devised to detect whether an R-band image of a galaxy is a potential candidate for a DAGN or not. The pipeline can be cloned to a user's machine, and by joining the AstrIRG_DAGN group on SciServer, astronomers can collectively contribute to the mining of DAGNs.

Credit: Bhattacharya, Anwesh; Saha, Snehanshu; Das, Mousumi

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