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Binsim: Visualising Interacting Binaries in 3D

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Binsim: Visualising Interacting Binaries in 3D

Postby owlice » Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:59 pm

Binsim: Visualising Interacting Binaries in 3D

Abstract: Binsim produces images of interacting binaries for any system parameters. Though not suitable for modeling light curves or spectra, the resulting images are helpful in visualizing the geometry of a given system and are also helpful in talks and educational work. The code uses the OpenGL API to do the 3D rendering. The software can produce images of cataclysmic variables and X-ray binaries, and can render the mass donor star, an axisymmetric disc (without superhumps, warps or spirals), the accretion stream and hotspot, and a "corona."

Credit: Hynes, R. I.


Bibcode: 2010ascl.soft11008H

ID: ascl:1011.008
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