MAGPHYS: Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Proper

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MAGPHYS: Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties

Post by owlice » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:50 am

[c]MAGPHYS: Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties[/c][/b]
Abstract: MAGPHYS is a self-contained, user-friendly model package to interpret observed spectral energy distributions of galaxies in terms of galaxy-wide physical parameters pertaining to the stars and the interstellar medium. MAGPHYS is optimized to derive statistical constraints of fundamental parameters related to star formation activity and dust content (e.g. star formation rate, stellar mass, dust attenuation, dust temperatures) of large samples of galaxies using a wide range of multi-wavelength observations. A Bayesian approach is used to interpret the SEDs all the way from the ultraviolet/optical to the far-infrared.

Credit: da Cunha, Elisabete; Charlot, Stéphane


Bibcode: 2011ascl.soft06010D

ID: ascl:1106.010
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