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ASpec: Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Package

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ASpec: Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Package

Postby kcd » Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:45 am

ASpec: Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Package

Abstract: ASpec is a spectrum and line analysis package developed at STScI. ASpec is designed as an add-on package for IRAF and incorporates a variety of analysis techniques for astronomical spectra. ASpec operates on spectra from a wide variety of ground-based and space-based instruments and allows simultaneous handling of spectra from different wavelength regimes. The package accommodates non-linear dispersion relations and provides a variety of functions, individually or in combination, with which to fit spectral features and the continuum. It also permits the masking of known bad data. ASpec provides a powerful, intuitive graphical user interface implemented using the IRAF Object Manager and customized to handle: data input/output (I/O); on-line help; selection of relevant features for analysis; plotting and graphical interaction; and data base management.

Credit: Eisenhamer, Jonathan D.; Hulbert, Stephen J.; Levay, Zoltan G.; Shaw, Richard A.

Site: ... berts.html

Bibcode: 2011ascl.soft12017E

ID: ascl:1112.017
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