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NOVAS: Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software

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NOVAS: Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software

Postby kcd » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:10 am

NOVAS: Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software

Abstract: NOVAS is an integrated package of subroutines and functions for computing various commonly needed quantities in positional astronomy. The package can provide, in one or two subroutine or function calls, the instantaneous coordinates of any star or planet in a variety of coordinate systems. At a lower level, NOVAS also supplies astrometric utility transformations, such as those for precession, nutation, aberration, parallax, and the gravitational deflection of light. The computations are accurate to better than one milliarcsecond. The NOVAS package is an easy-to-use facility that can be incorporated into data reduction programs, telescope control systems, and simulations. The U.S. parts of The Astronomical Almanac are prepared using NOVAS. Three editions of NOVAS are available: Fortran, C, and Python.

Credit: Kaplan, George; Bartlett, Jennifer Lynn; Monet, Alice; Bangert, John; Puatua, Wendy; Harris, William; Fredericks, Amy; Barron, Eric G.; Barrett, Paul


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft02003K

ID: ascl:1202.003
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