MOLSCAT: MOLecular SCATtering

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MOLSCAT: MOLecular SCATtering v. 14

Post by kcd » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:51 am

MOLSCAT: MOLecular SCATtering v. 14

Abstract: MOLSCAT version 14 is a FORTRAN code for quantum mechanical (coupled channel) solution of the nonreactive molecular scattering problem and was developed to obtain collision rates for molecules in the interstellar gas which are needed to understand microwave and infrared astronomical observations. The code is implemented for various types of collision partners. In addition to the essentially exact close coupling method several approximate methods, including the Coupled States and Infinite Order Sudden approximations, are provided. This version of the code has been superseded by MOLSCAT 2020 (ascl:2010.001).

Credit: Hutson, Jeremy M.; Green, Sheldon


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft06004H

Preferred citation method: J. M. Hutson and S. Green, MOLSCAT computer code, version 14 (1994), distributed by Collaborative Computational Project No. 6 of the Science and Engineering Research Council (UK).

ID: ascl:1206.004
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