XPHOT: Estimation of properties of weak X-ray sources

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XPHOT: Estimation of properties of weak X-ray sources

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[c]XPHOT: Estimation of properties of weak X-ray sources[/c][/b]
Abstract: XPHOT is an IDL implementation of a non-parametric method for estimating the apparent and intrinsic broad-band fluxes and absorbing X-ray column densities of weak X-ray sources. XPHOT is intended for faint sources with greater than ∼5-7 counts but fewer than 100-300 counts where parametric spectral fitting methods will be superior. This method is similar to the long-standing use of color-magnitude diagrams in optical and infrared astronomy, with X-ray median energy replacing color index and X-ray source counts replacing magnitude. Though XPHOT was calibrated for thermal spectra characteristic of stars in young stellar clusters, recalibration should be possible for some other classes of faint X-ray sources such as extragalactic active galactic nuclei.

Credit: Getman, Konstantin; Feigelson, Eric; Broos, Patrick; Townsley, Leisa; Garmire, Gordon

Site: http://personal.psu.edu/kug1/XPHOT/

Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft12002G

ID: ascl:1212.002
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