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EXSdetect: Extended X-ray Source Detection

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EXSdetect: Extended X-ray Source Detection

Postby owlice » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:07 pm

EXSdetect: Extended X-ray Source Detection

Abstract: EXSdetect is a python implementation of an X-ray source detection algorithm which is optimally designed to detected faint extended sources and makes use of Voronoi tessellation and Friend-of-Friend technique. It is a flexible tool capable of detecting extended sources down to the lowest flux levels attainable within instrumental limitations while maintaining robust photometry, high completeness, and low contamination, regardless of source morphology. EXSdetect was developed mainly to exploit the ever-increasing wealth of archival X-ray data, but is also ideally suited to explore the scientific capabilities of future X-ray facilities, with a strong focus on investigations of distant groups and clusters of galaxies.

Credit: Liu, Teng; Tozzi, Paolo; Tundo, Elena; Moretti, A.; Wang, Jun-Xian; Rosati, Piero; Guglielmetti, Fabrizia


Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft12013L

ID: ascl:1212.013
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