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SYNMAG Photometry: Matched Colors of Extended Sources

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SYNMAG Photometry: Catalog-level Matched Colors of Extended Sources

Postby owlice » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:33 pm

SYNMAG Photometry: Catalog-level Matched Colors of Extended Sources

Abstract: SYNMAG is a tool for producing synthetic aperture magnitudes to enable fast matched photometry at the catalog level without reprocessing imaging data. Aperture magnitudes are the most widely tabulated flux measurements in survey catalogs; obtaining reliable, matched photometry for galaxies imaged by different observatories represents a key challenge in the era of wide-field surveys spanning more than several hundred square degrees. Methods such as flux fitting, profile fitting, and PSF homogenization followed by matched-aperture photometry are all computationally expensive. An alternative solution called "synthetic aperture photometry" exploits galaxy profile fits in one band to efficiently model the observed, point-spread-function-convolved light profile in other bands and predict the flux in arbitrarily sized apertures.

Credit: Bundy, Kevin; Hogg, David W.; Higgs, Tim D.; Nichol, Robert C.; Yasuda, Naoki; Masters, Karen L.; Lang, Dustin; Wake, David A.


Bibcode: 2013ascl.soft02014B

ID: ascl:1302.014
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