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TGCat: Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive

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TGCat: Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive

Postby kcd » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:01 am

TGCat: Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive

Abstract: TGCat is an archive of Chandra transmission grating spectra and a suite of software for processing such data. Users can browse and categorize Chandra gratings observations quickly and easily, generate custom plots of resulting response corrected spectra on-line without the need for special software and download analysis ready products from multiple observations in one convenient operation. Data processing for the catalog is done with a suite of ISIS/S-Lang scripts; the software is available for download. These ISIS scripts wrap and call CIAO tools for reprocessing from "Level 1" (acis_process_events or hrc_process_events) through "Level 2" (binned spectra, via tg_resolve_events and tgextract), compute responses (grating "RMFs" and "ARFs", via mkgrmf and mkgarf), and make summary plots.

Credit: Huenemoerder, David; Nowak, Mike; Dewey, Dan; Schulz, Norbert; Mitschang, Arik


Bibcode: 2013ascl.soft03012H

ID: ascl:1303.012
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