Sunrise: Radiation transfer through interstellar dust

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Sunrise: Radiation transfer through interstellar dust

Post by owlice » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:23 am

[c]Sunrise: Radiation transfer through interstellar dust[/c][/b]
Abstract: Sunrise is a Monte Carlo radiation transfer code for calculating absorption and scattering of light to study the effects of dust in hydrodynamic simulations of interacting galaxies. It uses an adaptive mesh refinement grid to describe arbitrary geometries of emitting and absorbing/scattering media, with spatial dynamical range exceeding 104; it can efficiently generate images of the emerging radiation at arbitrary points in space and spectral energy distributions of simulated galaxies run with the Gadget, Gasoline, Arepo, Enzo or ART codes. In addition to the monochromatic radiative transfer typically used by Monte Carlo codes, Sunrise can propagate a range of wavelengths simultaneously. This "polychromatic" algorithm gives significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy when spectral features are calculated.

Credit: Jonsson, Patrik


Bibcode: 2013ascl.soft03030J

ID: ascl:1303.030
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