ASPRO 2: Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations

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ASPRO 2: Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations

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[c]ASPRO 2: Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations[/c][/b]
Abstract: ASPRO 2 (Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations) is an observation preparation tool for interferometric observations with the VLTI or other interferometers such as CHARA and SUSI. It is a Java standalone program that provides a dynamic graphical interface to simulate the projected baseline evolution during observations (super-synthesis) and derive visibilities for targets (i.e., single star, binaries, user defined FITS image). It offers other useful functions such as the ability to load and save your observation settings and generate Observing Blocks.

Credit: Bourgès, Laurent; Mella, Guillaume; Lafrasse, Sylvain; Duvert, Gilles


Bibcode: 2013ascl.soft10005B

Preferred citation method: This research has made use of the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center \texttt{Aspro} service \footnote{Available at}.

ID: ascl:1310.005
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