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abundance: High Redshift Cluster Abundance

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abundance: High Redshift Cluster Abundance

Postby kcd » Sat Jan 18, 2014 5:24 am

abundance: High Redshift Cluster Abundance

Abstract: abundance, written in Fortran, provides driver and fitting routines to compute the predicted number of clusters in a ΛCDM cosmology that agrees with CMB, SN, BAO, and H0 measurements (up to 2010) at some specified parameter confidence and the mass that would rule out that cosmology at some specified sample confidence. It also computes the expected number of such clusters in the light cone and the Eddington bias factor that must be applied to observed masses.

Credit: Mortonson, Michael; Hu, Wayne; Huterer, Dragan


Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft01007M

ID: ascl:1401.007
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