BAOlab: Image processing program

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BAOlab: Image processing program

Post by kcd » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:17 am

BAOlab: Image processing program

Abstract: BAOlab is an image processing package written in C that should run on nearly any UNIX system with just the standard C libraries. It reads and writes images in standard FITS format; 16- and 32-bit integer as well as 32-bit floating-point formats are supported. Multi-extension FITS files are currently not supported. Among its tools are ishape for size measurements of compact sources, mksynth for generating synthetic images consisting of a background signal including Poisson noise and a number of pointlike sources, imconvol for convolving two images (a “source” and a “kernel”) with each other using fast fourier transforms (FFTs) and storing the output as a new image, and kfit2d for fitting a two-dimensional King model to an image.

Credit: Larsen, Søren S.


Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft03013L

Preferred citation method:

ID: ascl:1403.013
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