RegPT: Regularized cosmological power spectrum

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RegPT: Regularized cosmological power spectrum

Post by kcd » Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:08 pm

RegPT: Regularized cosmological power spectrum

Abstract: RegPT computes the power spectrum in flat wCDM class models based on the RegPT treatment when provided with either of transfer function or matter power spectrum. It then gives the multiple-redshift outputs for power spectrum, and optionally provides correlation function data. The Fortran code has two major options for power spectrum calculations; -fast, which quickly computes the power spectrum at two-loop level (typically a few seconds) using the pre-computed data set of PT kernels for fiducial cosmological models, and -direct, in which the code first applies the fast method, and then follows the regularized expression for power spectrum to directly evaluate the multi-dimensional integrals. The output results are the power spectrum of direct calculation and difference of the results between fast and direct method. The code also gives the data set of PT diagrams necessary for power spectrum calculations from which the power spectrum can be constructed.

Credit: Taruya, Atsushi

Site: ... _code.html

Bibcode: 2014ascl.soft04012T

ID: ascl:1404.012
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