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PolyChord: Nested sampling for cosmology

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PolyChord: Nested sampling for cosmology

Postby Ada Coda » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:03 am

PolyChord: Nested sampling for cosmology

Abstract: PolyChord is a Bayesian inference tool for the simultaneous calculation of evidences and sampling of posterior distributions. It is a variation on John Skilling's Nested Sampling, utilizing Slice Sampling to generate new live points. It performs well on moderately high dimensional (~100s D) posterior distributions, and can cope with arbitrary degeneracies and multimodality.

Credit: Handley, W. J.; Hobson, M. P.; Lasenby, A. N.


Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft02011H

ID: ascl:1502.011
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