chimenea: Multi-epoch radio-synthesis data imaging

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chimenea: Multi-epoch radio-synthesis data imaging

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:49 am

chimenea: Multi-epoch radio-synthesis data imaging

Abstract: Chimenea implements an heuristic algorithm for automated imaging of multi-epoch radio-synthesis data. It generates a deep image via an iterative Clean subroutine performed on the concatenated visibility set and locates steady sources in the field of view. The code then uses this information to apply constrained and then unconstrained (i.e., masked/open-box) Cleans to the single-epoch observations. This obtains better results than if the single-epoch data had been processed independently without prior knowledge of the sky-model. The chimenea pipeline is built upon CASA (ascl:1107.013) subroutines, interacting with the CASA environment via the drive-casa (ascl:1504.006) interface layer.

Credit: Staley, Tim D.; Anderson, Gemma E.


Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft04005S

Preferred citation method: and

ID: ascl:1504.005
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