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FAT: Fully Automated TiRiFiC

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FAT: Fully Automated TiRiFiC

Postby Ada Coda » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:40 pm

FAT: Fully Automated TiRiFiC

Abstract: FAT (Fully Automated TiRiFiC) is an automated procedure that fits tilted-ring models to Hi data cubes of individual, well-resolved galaxies. The method builds on the 3D Tilted Ring Fitting Code (TiRiFiC, ascl:1208.008). FAT accurately models the kinematics and the morphologies of galaxies with an extent of eight beams across the major axis in the inclination range 20°-90° without the need for priors such as disc inclination. FAT's performance allows us to model the gas kinematics of many thousands of well-resolved galaxies, which is essential for future HI surveys, with the Square Kilometre Array and its pathfinders.

Credit: Kamphuis, P.; Józsa, G. I. G.; Oh, S-. H.; Spekkens, K.; Urbancic, N.; Serra, P.; Koribalski, B. S.; Dettmar, R.-J.


Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft07011K

ID: ascl:1507.011
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