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FARGO3D: Hydrodynamics/magnetohydrodynamics code

Post by Ada Coda » Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:13 pm

FARGO3D: Hydrodynamics/magnetohydrodynamics code

Abstract: A successor of <a href="http://ascl.net/1102.017">FARGO</a> (ascl:1102.017), FARGO3D is a versatile HD/MHD code that runs on clusters of CPUs or GPUs, with special emphasis on protoplanetary disks. FARGO3D offers Cartesian, cylindrical or spherical geometry; 1-, 2- or 3-dimensional calculations; and orbital advection (aka FARGO) for HD and MHD calculations. As in FARGO, a simple Runge-Kutta N-body solver may be used to describe the orbital evolution of embedded point-like objects. There is no need to know CUDA; users can develop new functions in C and have them translated to CUDA automatically to run on GPUs.

Credit: Benítez Llambay, Pablo; Masset, Frédéric

Site: http://fargo.in2p3.fr/

Bibcode: 2015ascl.soft09006B

Preferred citation method: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016ApJS..223...11B; please see additional citation information here: http://fargo.in2p3.fr/Download

ID: ascl:1509.006
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