SILSS: SPHERE/IRDIS Long-Slit Spectroscopy pipeline

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SILSS: SPHERE/IRDIS Long-Slit Spectroscopy pipeline

Post by Ada Coda » Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:06 am

SILSS: SPHERE/IRDIS Long-Slit Spectroscopy pipeline

Abstract: The ESO's VLT/SPHERE instrument includes a unique long-slit spectroscopy (LSS) mode coupled with Lyot coronagraphy in its infrared dual-band imager and spectrograph (IRDIS) for spectral characterization of young, giant exoplanets detected by direct imaging. The SILSS pipeline is a combination of the official SPHERE pipeline and additional custom IDL routines developed within the SPHERE consortium for the speckle subtraction and spectral extraction of a companion's spectrum; it offers a complete end-to-end pipeline, from raw data (science+calibrations) to a final spectrum of the companion. SILSS works on both the low-resolution (LRS) and medium-resolution (MRS) data, and allows correction for some of the known biases of the instrument. Documentation is included in the header of the main routine of the pipeline.

Credit: Vigan, Arthur


Bibcode: 2016ascl.soft03001V

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ID: ascl:1603.001
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