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BXA: Bayesian X-ray Analysis

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BXA: Bayesian X-ray Analysis

Postby Ada Coda » Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:43 pm

BXA: Bayesian X-ray Analysis

Abstract: BXA connects the nested sampling algorithm MultiNest (ascl:1109.006) to the X-ray spectral analysis environments Xspec/Sherpa for Bayesian parameter estimation and model comparison. It provides parameter estimation in arbitrary dimensions and plotting of spectral model vs. the data for best fit, posterior samples, or each component. BXA allows for model selection; it computes the evidence for the considered model, ready for use in computing Bayes factors and is not limited to nested models. It also visualizes deviations between model and data with Quantile-Quantile (QQ) plots, which do not require binning and are more comprehensive than residuals.

Credit: Buchner, Johannes


Bibcode: 2016ascl.soft10011B

Preferred citation method:, Sherpa (ascl:1107.005), Xspec (ascl:9910.005) and MultiNest (ascl:1109.006)

ID: ascl:1610.011
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