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GRIM: General Relativistic Implicit Magnetohydrodynamics

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GRIM: General Relativistic Implicit Magnetohydrodynamics

Postby Ada Coda » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:19 am

GRIM: General Relativistic Implicit Magnetohydrodynamics

Abstract: GRIM (General Relativistic Implicit Magnetohydrodynamics) evolves a covariant extended magnetohydrodynamics model derived by treating non-ideal effects as a perturbation of ideal magnetohydrodynamics. Non-ideal effects are modeled through heat conduction along magnetic field lines and a difference between the pressure parallel and perpendicular to the field lines. The model relies on an effective collisionality in the disc from wave-particle scattering and velocity-space (mirror and firehose) instabilities. GRIM, which runs on CPUs as well as on GPUs, combines time evolution and primitive variable inversion needed for conservative schemes into a single step using only the residuals of the governing equations as inputs. This enables the code to be physics agnostic as well as flexible regarding time-stepping schemes.

Credit: Chandra, Mani; Foucart, Francois; Gammie, Charles F.


Bibcode: 2017ascl.soft02012C

ID: ascl:1702.012

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