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hh0: Hierarchical Hubble Constant Inference

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hh0: Hierarchical Hubble Constant Inference

Postby Ada Coda » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:59 am

hh0: Hierarchical Hubble Constant Inference

Abstract: hh0 is a Bayesian hierarchical model (BHM) that describes the full distance ladder, from nearby geometric-distance anchors through Cepheids to SNe in the Hubble flow. It does not rely on any of the underlying distributions being Gaussian, allowing outliers to be modeled and obviating the need for any arbitrary data cuts.

Credit: Feeney, Stephen; Mortlock, Daniel; Dalmasso, Niccolò


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft01004F

ID: ascl:1801.004
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