ExoCross: Spectra from molecular line lists

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ExoCross: Spectra from molecular line lists

Post by Ada Coda » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:22 am

ExoCross: Spectra from molecular line lists

Abstract: ExoCross generates spectra and thermodynamic properties from molecular line lists in ExoMol, HITRAN, or several other formats. The code is parallelized and also shows a high degree of vectorization; it works with line profiles such as Doppler, Lorentzian and Voigt and supports several broadening schemes. ExoCross is also capable of working with the recently proposed method of super-lines. It supports calculations of lifetimes, cooling functions, specific heats and other properties. ExoCross converts between different formats, such as HITRAN, ExoMol and Phoenix, and simulates non-LTE spectra using a simple two-temperature approach. Different electronic, vibronic or vibrational bands can be simulated separately using an efficient filtering scheme based on the quantum numbers.

Credit: Yurchenko, Sergei N.; Al-Refaie, Ahmed; Tennyson, Jonathan

Site: https://github.com/Trovemaster/exocross

Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft03014Y

ID: ascl:1803.014
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