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Postby Ada Coda » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:56 pm


Abstract: This packages has two main utilities:

[1] It can be used to query Gaia DR2 TAP services and divide the queries into sub-queries chunked into arbitrary healpix bins.

[2] Example queries are shown which download the starcount per healpix and gmag in arbitrary binning.
We provide methods that turn these downloaded data into easy to use arrays. By dividing the total starcount and starcounts with an applied cut (e.g. radial velocity measurement and good parallax) in 'internal' completeness can be calculated. We also provide an independent determination of the 'external' GDR2 completeness per healpix (level 6) and G magnitude bin (3 coarse bins: 8-12,12-15,15-18) inferred from a crossmatch with 2MASS data. By multiplying the 'internal' with the 'external' completeness map the overall completeness of a specific GDR2 sample can be aproximated. This is useful when data is compared to models thereof.

We provide jupyter notebooks that showcase both utilities and enable the user to easily construct the overall completeness for arbitrary samples of the GDR2 catalogue.

Credit: Rybizki, Jan; Drimmel, Ronald


Preferred citation method: ASCL, paper in prep.
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