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xGDS: Exploration Ground Data Systems

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xGDS: Exploration Ground Data Systems

Postby Ada Coda » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:38 pm

xGDS: Exploration Ground Data Systems

Abstract: xGDS (Exploration Ground Data Systems) synthesizes real world data (from sensors, robots, ROVs, mobile devices, etc) and human observations into rich, digital maps and displays for analysis, decision making, and collaboration. xGDS processes and maps data (including video) in real-time during operations and uses it to support live role-based geolocated note taking. Notes can be used to search for and display important data. The software enables real-time analysis of data, permitting one to make inferences and plan new data collection operations while still in the field.

Credit: Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG), Intelligent Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft07031I

ID: ascl:1807.031

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