VBBINARYLENSING: Microlensing light-curve computation

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VBBINARYLENSING: Microlensing light-curve computation

Post by Ada Coda » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:18 pm

VBBINARYLENSING: Microlensing light-curve computation

Abstract: VBBinaryLensing forward models gravitational microlensing events using the advanced contour integration method; it supports single and binary lenses. The lens map is inverted on a collection of points on the source boundary to obtain a corresponding collection of points on the boundaries of the images from which the area of the images can be recovered by use of Green’s theorem. The code takes advantage of a number of techniques to make contour integration much more efficient, including using a parabolic correction to increase the accuracy of the summation, introducing an error estimate on each arc of the boundary to enable defining an optimal sampling, and allowing the inclusion of limb darkening. The code is written as a C++ library and wrapped as a Python package, and can be called from either C++ or Python.

Credit: Bozza, Valerio; Bachelet, Etienne; Bartolić, Fran; Heintz, Tyler M.; Hoag, Ava R.; Hundertmark, Markus

Site: https://github.com/valboz/VBBinaryLensing

Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft09004B

Preferred citation method: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/#abs/2010MNRAS.408.2188B

ID: ascl:1809.004
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