JETGET: Hydrodynamic jet simulation visualization and analysis

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JETGET: Hydrodynamic jet simulation visualization and analysis

Post by Ada Coda » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:10 pm

JETGET: Hydrodynamic jet simulation visualization and analysis

Abstract: JETGET accesses, visualizes, and analyses (magnetized-)fluid dynamics data stored in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and ASCII files. Although JETGET has been optimized to handle data output from jet simulations using the Zeus code (ascl:1306.014) from NCSA, it is also capable of analyzing other data output from simulations using other codes. JETGET can select variables from the data files, render both two- and three-dimensional graphics and analyze and plot important physical quantities. Graphics can be saved in encapsulated Postscript, JPEG, VRML, or saved into an MPEG for later visualization and/or presentations. The strength of JETGET in extracting the physics underlying such phenomena is demonstrated as well as its capabilities in visualizing the 3-dimensional features of the simulated magneto-hydrodynamic jets. The JETGET tool is written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and uses a graphical user interface to manipulate the data. The tool was developed on a LINUX platform and can be run on any platform that supports IDL.

Credit: Staff, Jan; Jorgensen, Michael; Ouyed, Rachid


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft10003S

ID: ascl:1810.003
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