Echelle++: Generic spectrum simulator

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Echelle++: Generic spectrum simulator

Post by Ada Coda » Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:33 pm

Echelle++: Generic spectrum simulator

Abstract: Echelle++ simulates realistic raw spectra based on the Zemax model of any spectrograph, with a particular emphasis on cross-dispersed Echelle spectrographs. The code generates realistic spectra of astronomical and calibration sources, with accurate representation of optical aberrations, the shape of the point spread function, detector characteristics, and photon noise. It produces high-fidelity spectra fast, an important feature when testing data reduction pipelines with a large set of different input spectra, when making critical choices about order spacing in the design phase of the instrument, or while aligning the spectrograph during construction. Echelle++ also works with low resolution, low signal to noise, multi-object, IFU, or long slit spectra, for simulating a wide array of spectrographs.

Credit: Stuermer, Julian; Seifahrt, Andreas; Robertson, Zachary; Schwab, Christian; Bean, Jacob


Bibcode: 2018ascl.soft10006S

ID: ascl:1810.006
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