PlasmaPy: Core Python package for plasma physics

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PlasmaPy: Core Python package for plasma physics

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:28 am

PlasmaPy: Core Python package for plasma physics

Abstract: PlasmaPy provides core functionality and a common framework for data visualization and analysis for plasma physics. It has modules for basic plasma physics calculations, running desktop-scale simulations to test preliminary ideas such as one-dimensional MHD/PIC or test particles, or comparing data from two different sources, such as simulations and spacecraft.

Credit: PlasmaPy Community; Murphy, Nicholas A.; Stańczak, Dominik; Kozlowski, Pawel M.; Langendorf, Samuel J.; Leonard, Andrew J.; Beckers, Jasper P.; Haggerty, Colby C.; Mumford, Stuart J.; Malhotra, Ritiek; Bessi, Ludovico; Carroll, Sean; Choubey, Apoorv; Díaz Pérez, Roberto; Einhorn, Leah; Fan, Thomas; Goudeau, Graham; Guidoni, Silvina; Hillairet, Julien; How, Poh Zi; Huang, Yi-Min; Humphrey, Nabil; Isupova, Maria; Kulshrestha, Siddharth; Kuszaj, Piotr; Munn, Joshua; Parashar, Tulasi; Patel, Neil; Raj, Raajit; Sherpa, Dawa Nurbu; Stansby, David; Tavant, Antoine; Xu, Sixue


Bibcode: 2019ascl.soft06019P

Preferred citation method: Please see citation information here:

ID: ascl:1906.019
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