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intensitypower: Spectrum multipoles modeler

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intensitypower: Spectrum multipoles modeler

Postby Ada Coda » Sat Jul 27, 2019 7:19 pm

intensitypower: Spectrum multipoles modeler

Abstract: intensitypower measures and models the auto- and cross-power spectrum multipoles of galaxy catalogs and radio intensity maps presented in spherical coordinates. It can also convert the multipoles to power spectrum wedges P(k,mu) and 2D power spectra P(k_perp,k_par). The code assumes the galaxy catalog is a set of discrete points and the radio intensity map is a pixelized continuous field which includes angular pixelization using healpix, binning in redshift channels, smoothing by a Gaussian telescope beam, and the addition of a Gaussian noise in each cell. The galaxy catalog and radio intensity map are transferred onto an FFT grid, and power spectrum multipoles are measured including curved-sky effects. Both maps include redshift-space distortions.

Credit: Blake, Chris


Bibcode: 2019ascl.soft07027B

ID: ascl:1907.027

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