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PLAN: A Clump-finder for Planetesimal Formation Simulations

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PLAN: A Clump-finder for Planetesimal Formation Simulations

Postby Ada Coda » Fri Nov 01, 2019 8:22 am

PLAN: A Clump-finder for Planetesimal Formation Simulations

Abstract: PLAN (PLanetesimal ANalyzer) identifies and characterizes planetesimals produced in numerical simulations of the Streaming Instability that includes particle self-gravity with code Athena (ascl:1010.014). PLAN works with the 3D particle output of Athena and finds gravitationally bound clumps robustly and efficiently. PLAN — written in C++ with OpenMP/MPI — is massively parallelized, memory-efficient, and scalable to analyze billions of particles and multiple snapshots simultaneously. The approach of PLAN is based on the dark matter halo finder HOP (ascl:1102.019), but with many customizations for planetesimal formation. PLAN can be easily adapted to analyze other object formation simulations that use Langrangian particles (e.g., Athena++ in the future). PLAN is also equipped with a toolkit to analyze the grid-based hydro data (VTK dumps of primitive variables) from Athena, which requires Boost MultiDimensional Array Library.

Credit: Li, Rixin

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