Eigentools: Tools for studying linear eigenvalue problems

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Eigentools: Tools for studying linear eigenvalue problems

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:54 am

Eigentools: Tools for studying linear eigenvalue problems

Abstract: Eigentools is a set of tools for studying linear eigenvalue problems. The underlying eigenproblems are solved using <a href="https://ascl.net/1603.015">Dedalus</a> (ascl:1603.015), which provides a domain-specific language for partial differential equations. Eigentools extends Dedalus's EigenvalueProblem object and provides automatic rejection of unresolved eigenvalues, simple plotting of specified eigenmodes and of spectra, and computation of $\epsilon$-pseudospectra for any Differential-Algebraic Equations with user-specifiable norms. It includes tools to find critical parameters for linear stability analysis and is able to project eigenmode onto 2- or 3-D domain for visualization. It can also output projected eigenmodes as Dedalus-formatted HDF5 file to be used as initial conditions for Initial Value Problems, and provides simple plotting of drift ratios (both ordinal and nearest) to evaluate tolerance for eigenvalue rejection.

Credit: Oishi, Jeff; Burns, Keaton; Clark, Susan; Anders, Evan; Brown, Ben; Vasil, Geoff; Lecoanet, Daniel

Site: https://github.com/DedalusProject/eigentools

Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft01017O

ID: ascl:2101.017
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