stratsi: Stratified streaming instability

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stratsi: Stratified streaming instability

Post by Ada Coda » Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:55 am

stratsi: Stratified streaming instability

Abstract: Stratsi calculates stratified and vertically-shearing streaming instabilities. It solves one- and two-fluid linearized equations, and, for two-fluid models, also provides the parameters and analytic vertical structure and solves for equilibrium horizontal velocity profiles. It offers utilities and various plotting options, including plots to compare one- and two-fluid results, viscous results to inviscid results, and results from two different stokes numbers or two different metallicities. stratsi requires Dedalus (ascl:1603.015) and Eigentools (ascl:2101.017).

Credit: Lin, Min-Kai


Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft01018L

ID: ascl:2101.018
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