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Codes added in 2022 March

Post by owlice » Tue Apr 12, 2022 9:28 pm

Codes added in 2022 March
On March 31, there were 2,758 codes in the library.

agnpy: Modeling jetted Active Galactic Nuclei radiative processes with Python
AutoSourceID-Light: Source localization in optical images
axionCAMB: Modification of the CAMB Boltzmann code
Bootsik: Potential field calculator

D2O: Distributed Data Object
easyFermi: Fermi-LAT data analyzer
exoVista: Planetary systems generator
fleck: Fast starspot rotational modulation light curves

GAMERA: Source modeling in gamma astronomy
imexam: IMage EXAMination and plotting
Magrathea-Pathfinder: 3D AMR ray-tracing in simulations
MAGRATHEA: Multi-processor Adaptive Grid Refinement Analysis for THEoretical Astrophysics

MAMPOSSt: Mass/orbit modeling of spherical systems
MaNGA-DAP: MaNGA Data Analysis Pipeline
MaNGA-DRP: MaNGA Data Reduction Pipeline
MG-MAMPOSSt: Test gravity with the mass profiles of galaxy clusters

MIRaGe: Multi Instrument Ramp Generator
NIMBLE: Non-parametrIc jeans Modeling with B-spLinEs
PetroFit: Petrosian properties calculator and galaxy light profiles fitter
pygacs: Toolkit to manipulate Gaia catalog tables

pyobs: Python framework for autonomous astronomical observatories
SATCHEL: Pipeline to search for long-period exoplanet signals
SetCoverPy: A heuristic solver for the set cover problem
SimLine: Radiative transfer in molecular lines

SISTER: Starshade Imaging Simulation Toolkit for Exoplanet Reconnaissance
starry_process: Interpretable Gaussian processes for stellar light curves
sympy2c: Generating fast C/C++ functions and ODE solvers from symbolic expressions
TAWAS: Wave equation solver

Vetting: Stand-alone tools for vetting transit signals in Kepler, K2 and TESS data
Wigglewave: Linearized governing equations solver
Zoobot: Deep learning galaxy morphology classifier

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