OpacityTool: Dust opacities for disk modeling

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OpacityTool: Dust opacities for disk modeling

Post by Ada Coda » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:11 pm

OpacityTool: Dust opacities for disk modeling

Abstract: OpacityTool computes dust opacities for disc modelling; it includes a number of robust facts obtained from observations and theory and goes beyond astronomical silicates. It provides output files with κext(λ),κabs(λ),κsca(λ) as a function of wavelength λ, and the 6 scattering matrix elements for randomly oriented particles, F11(λ,θ), F12(λ,θ), F22(λ,θ), F33(λ, θ), F34(λ, θ), F44(λ, θ) as functions of wavelength and scattering angle θ.

This code is superseded by optool (ascl:2104.010).

Credit: Min, Michiel

Site: https://dianaproject.wp.st-andrews.ac.u ... n-package/

Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft04009M

Preferred citation method: Please cite 1981ApOpt..20.3657T, 2016A%26A...586A.103W, 2005A%26A...432..909M, 1995A%26A...300..503D, and 1996MNRAS.282.1321Z

ID: ascl:2104.009
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