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SpheCow: Galaxy and dark matter halo dynamical properties

Posted: Sun May 30, 2021 6:04 pm
by Ada Coda
SpheCow: Galaxy and dark matter halo dynamical properties

Abstract: SpheCow explores the structure and dynamics of any spherical model for galaxies and dark matter haloes. The lightweight and flexible code automatically calculates the dynamical properties, assuming an isotropic or Osipkov-Merritt anisotropic orbital structure, of any model with either an analytical density profile or an analytical surface density profile as a starting point. SpheCow contains readily usable implementations for many standard models, including the Plummer, Hernquist, NFW, Einasto, Sérsic and Nuker models. The code is easily extendable, allowing new models to be added in a straightforward way. The code is publicly available as a set of C++ routines and as a Python module.

Credit: Baes, Maarten; Camps, Peter; Vandenbroucke, Bert


Bibcode: 2021ascl.soft05007B

ID: ascl:2105.007