ISW and Weak Lensing Likelihood Code

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ISW and Weak Lensing Likelihood Code

Post by owlice » Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:19 pm

ISW and Weak Lensing Likelihood Code

Abstract: ISW and Weak Lensing Likelihood code is the likelihood code that calculates the likelihood of Integrated Sachs Wolfe and Weak Lensing of Cosmic Microwave Background using the WMAP 3year CMB maps with mass tracers such as 2MASS (2-Micron All Sky Survey), SDSS LRG (Sloan Digital Sky Survey Luminous Red Galaxies), SDSS QSOs (Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasars) and NVSS (NRAO VLA All Sky Survey) radio sources. The details of the analysis (*thus the likelihood code) can be understood by reading the papers <a href="">ISW paper</a> and <a href="">Weak lensing paper</a>. The code does brute force theoretical matter power spectrum and calculations with <a href="">CAMB</a>. See the paper for an introduction, descriptions, and typical results from some pre-WMAP data. The code is designed to be integrated into <a href="">CosmoMC</a>. For further information concerning the integration, see <a href=" ... tion">Code Modification for integration into COSMOMC</a>.

Credit: Ho, Shirley; Hirata, Christopher M.; Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Seljak, Uros; Bahcall, Neta


Bibcode: 2010ascl.soft10047H

Preferred citation method: and

ID: ascl:1010.047
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