SWarp: Resampling and Co-adding FITS Images Together

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SWarp: Resampling and Co-adding FITS Images Together

Post by owlice » Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:18 pm

SWarp: Resampling and Co-adding FITS Images Together

Abstract: SWarp resamples and co-adds together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard. It operates on pre-reduced images and their weight-maps. Based on the astrometric and photometric calibrations derived at an earlier phase of the pipeline, SWarp re-maps ("warps") the pixels to a perfect projection system, and co-adds them in an optimum way, according to their relative weights. SWarp's astrometric engine is based on a customized version of Calabretta's WCSLib 2.6 and supports all of the projections defined in the 2000 version of the WCS proposal.

Credit: Bertin, Emmanuel

Site: https://www.astromatic.net/software/swarp/

Bibcode: 2010ascl.soft10068B

Preferred citation method: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2002ASPC..281..228B

ID: ascl:1010.068
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