XDSPRES: Reducing OSIRIS Cross-dispersed Spectra

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XDSPRES: CL-based package for Reducing OSIRIS Cross-dispersed Spectra

Post by owlice » Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:16 pm

XDSPRES: CL-based package for Reducing OSIRIS Cross-dispersed Spectra

Abstract: We present a description of the CL-based package XDSPRES, which aims at being a complete reducing facility for cross-dispersed spectra taken with the Ohio State Infrared Imager/Spectrometer, as installed at the SOAR telescope. This instrument provides spectra in the range between 1.2um and 2.35um in a single exposure, with resolving power of R ~ 1200. XDSPRES consists of two tasks, namely xdflat and doosiris. The former is a completely automated code for preparing normalized flat field images from raw flat field exposures. Doosiris was designed to be a complete reduction pipeline, requiring a minimum of user interaction. General steps towards a fully reduced spectrum are explained, as well as the approach adopted by our code.

Credit: Ruschel-Dutra, Daniel; Riffel, Rogério; Ducati, Jorge Ricardo; Pastoriza, Miriani

Site: http://www.if.ufrgs.br/~ruschel/software

Bibcode: 2011ascl.soft07010R

ID: ascl:1107.010
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