REBOUND: Multi-purpose N-body code for collisional dynamics

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REBOUND: Multi-purpose N-body code for collisional dynamics

Post by owlice » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:33 am

REBOUND: Multi-purpose N-body code for collisional dynamics

Abstract: REBOUND is a multi-purpose N-body code which is freely available under an open-source license. It was designed for collisional dynamics such as planetary rings but can also solve the classical N-body problem. It is highly modular and can be customized easily to work on a wide variety of different problems in astrophysics and beyond.

REBOUND comes with symplectic integrators WHFast, WHFastHelio, SEI, and LEAPFROG. It supports open, periodic and shearing-sheet boundary conditions. REBOUND can use a Barnes-Hut tree to calculate both self-gravity and collisions. These modules are fully parallelized with MPI as well as OpenMP. The former makes use of a static domain decomposition and a distributed essential tree. Two new collision detection modules based on a plane-sweep algorithm are also implemented. The performance of the plane-sweep algorithm is superior to a tree code for simulations in which one dimension is much longer than the other two and in simulations which are quasi-two dimensional with less than one million particles.

Credit: Rein, Hanno; Liu, Shang-Fei


Bibcode: 2011ascl.soft10016R

ID: ascl:1110.016
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