spec2d: DEEP2 DEIMOS Spectral Pipeline

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spec2d: DEEP2 DEIMOS Spectral Pipeline

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spec2d: DEEP2 DEIMOS Spectral Pipeline

Abstract: The DEEP2 DEIMOS Data Reduction Pipeline ("spec2d") is an IDL-based, automated software package designed to reduce Keck/DEIMOS multi-slit spectroscopic observations, collected as part of the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey. The pipeline is best suited for handling data taken with the 1200 line/mm grating tilted towards the red (lambda_c ~ 7800Å). The spec2d reduction package takes the raw DEIMOS data as its input and produces a variety of outputs including 2-d slit spectra and 1-d object spectra.

Credit: Cooper, Michael C.; Newman, Jeffrey A.; Davis, Marc; Finkbeiner, Douglas P.; Gerke, Brian F.

Site: http://deep.ps.uci.edu/spec2d/

Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft03003C

Preferred citation method: Acknowledgement "The analysis pipeline used to reduce the DEIMOS data was developed at UC Berkeley with support from NSF grant AST-0071048" and citations to http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013ApJS..208....5N and http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012ascl.soft

ID: ascl:1203.003
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