GOSSIP: SED fitting code

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GOSSIP: SED fitting code

Post by owlice » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:19 pm

GOSSIP: SED fitting code

Abstract: GOSSIP fits the electro-magnetic emission of an object (the SED, Spectral Energy Distribution) against synthetic models to find the simulated one that best reproduces the observed data. It builds-up the observed SED of an object (or a large sample of objects) combining magnitudes in different bands and eventually a spectrum; then it performs a chi-square minimization fitting procedure versus a set of synthetic models. The fitting results are used to estimate a number of physical parameters like the Star Formation History, absolute magnitudes, stellar mass and their Probability Distribution Functions.

Credit: Franzetti, Paolo; Scodeggio, Marco

Site: ftp://kalypso.lambrate.inaf.it/marcos/gossip/

Bibcode: 2012ascl.soft10003F

ID: ascl:1210.003
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