2MASS Kit: 2MASS Catalog Server Kit

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2MASS Kit: 2MASS Catalog Server Kit

Post by owlice » Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:16 pm

2MASS Kit: 2MASS Catalog Server Kit

Abstract: 2MASS Kit is an open source software for use in easily constructing a high performance search server for important astronomical catalogs. It is tuned for optimal coordinate search performance (Radial Search, Box Search, Rectangular Search) of huge catalogs, thus increasing the speed by more than an order of magnitude when compared to simple indexing on a single table. Optimal conditions enable more than 3,000 searches per second for radial search of 2MASS PSC. The kit is best characterized by its flexible tuning. Each table index is registered in one of six table spaces (each resides in a separate directory), thus allowing only the essential parts to be easily moved onto fast devices. Given the terrific evolution that has taken place with recent SSDs in performance, a very cost-effective way of constructing high-performance servers is moving part of or all table indices to a fast SSD.

Credit: Yamauchi, Chisato

Site: https://www.ir.isas.jaxa.jp/~cyamauch/2masskit/

Bibcode: 2013ascl.soft03016Y

ID: ascl:1303.016
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